Párisi Udvar

got a little more bright in the heart of Budapest as a magnificient luxurious optics has been opened. Fierce yet sophisticated, a brillant jewelry box next to Hyatt Hotel.

As you enter to Sun de Luxe optics, it feels like a whole different place, incomparable. It embraces a blend of classicist, baroque and art deco styles in perfect harmony with a unique selection of sunglasses and glasses made by the most exquisite labels, such as: Cartier, Gucci, Chopard, Saint Laurent, Porche Design, Dior, Balenciaga, Boucheron. We create a truly amazing range of products with limited editions and collector’ pieces.

Every detail in inspired from the refined style of the store’s owner. From the hand-painted golden baroque frames to the high-end eye examination process, each piece of the store is truly for its costumers. Satisfaction at a highest level.

We would like to warmly welcome you in this new world full of cocky calmness.

At Sun de Luxe,

we put our customers first and foremost. Our fully committed brand experts help dear costumers to fine touch their true style. The journey begins with a unique appointment into our boutique, where costumers can exclusively try out selected designer sunglasses or experience a refreshing eye examination.

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Eye examination like never before

We are eye health specialists.

Sun de Luxe strive to deliver not just the latest luxury glasses but perfect eyesight to our costumers as well. We are committed to the everlasting vision with the finest optometrists, medical examination and equipments.

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